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About Us


First National Bank of Daly City opened our doors to the Daly City community in 1963.  The Bank was started by a group of six local businessmen who felt Daly City needed its own local bank.  The large money center banks in town at the time seemed to care little about the Daly City community.  The founders’ vision was to hire local people, take local deposits, make loans to deserving and credit worthy local businesses and consumers and to be active in the community contributing to the greater quality of life. 

The business people who started the Bank were successful in their own businesses as they provided quality products, convenience, outstanding service, access to ownership and transparency.  These values were at the core of First National Bank of Daly City.  As in their own businesses, they knew they could take nothing for granted and worked hard daily to demonstrate their commitment to their customers.

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The Bank soon became known as the “Family Bank” and that image, of treating our consumer and business clients like family, persists today.  During the past 47 years of deliberate and steady growth, that Family Bank feel has never been lost.  We have seen the banking landscape of products and services change dramatically through the years.  We have listened to our customers and what they wanted from their Bank and we adapted to meet their needs.  That process exists today as we explore newer forms of technology that make banking a more convenient, safer and more secure, and valuable 24/7/365 service. 

In 1995, given our geographic diversity, we changed our name to First National Bank of Northern California.  We have grown from one branch with one million dollars in assets to 12 branches today and $660 million in assets.

We have seen many competitors come and go during the last 47 years.  Some gobbled up by larger banks and others that just could not compete and closed their doors.  We have weathered many economic cycles and remained independent with banking decisions made locally – not somewhere on the East Coast where they couldn't find San Mateo County on a map.  Let alone understand the unique, diverse culture and economics that grace our county!

Our independence and agility provides us an unparalleled knowledge of our local communities and the ability to turn loan request around promptly as our Loan Committee meets weekly.  We offer a full range of banking products and services that many of the large banks have, but we value you as a customer, not an amorphous credit score.  We offer you choices in how you chose to bank; in person at 12 convenient locations, ten in San Mateo County and two in San Francisco, or through a full suite of on-line banking services, including bill pay, funds transfer, review cancelled check images, search transaction history, set security rules, and Treasury Management Services.  Our Branch Managers and Personal Bankers use a consultative approach – we don’t try to “sell” you something you don’t need. 

We listen to your unique situation and then offer solutions that are appropriate and offer value.

Our philosophy is pretty straight forward – quality banking products and outstanding personal service.  It’s one thing to say that, but to execute outstanding service, you need dedicated employees with a passion for service who see each new day as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to you!  It’s that simple – but it is that important!FNB image